Do you have a flag?

Do you have a flag?

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Team IndyChat Roster

2011 Team IndyChat Roster
Cypx2 - Team Owners, Drivers
Cyp - Driver and Website Developer
Roye7777777 - Crew Chief
KSURollie - Fueler
UJoint - Master Transporter Extraordinaire
Quinn98 - Chief Engineer
Li'l Al - Bus Driver

Open Positions*:
- Right Front
- Left Front
- Right Rear
- Left Rear
- Pit Sign
- Spotter
*Open positions remain for the duration of the 2011 season! Submit your application to Cyp! Open Positions close for consideration at the end of Happy Hour at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Indy 500 Weekend. All decisions are final, at the sole discretion of the Team Owners and Team Drivers.

Former Positions Held:
KingIndy - (Resigned, 2010)
Cypx2 - Right Front and more (Former positions held during 2009-2010 Rookie season)

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Team IndyChat Transporter

Team IndyChat Transporter
Team IndyChat Transporter by UJoint

TIC #1 Car

TIC #1 Car
Designed by Roye7777777