Do you have a flag?

Do you have a flag?

Team IndyChat Chatroll... The Chat Starts Here! Update

Aloha, Race Fan Friends. These are challenging times, facing the global pandemic that is the Coronavirus. It's really something, to think back and imagine that we'd be seeing what we are today ~ and will, for the foreseeable future. Sheltering in place, not leaving our homes... Many of us are laid off from work... There will be increased cases of COVID-19 and we and our loved ones may be taking ill. We face challenging times, indeed. It may get far worse, and we may go quite the distance before we take the last turn and cross the finish line to take the win. But we will.

For now... The grandstands on street circuits are nowhere to be seen, and fixed racing venues remain closed to us. The crowds of spectators are at home. Our racing season is on hold.

However, the racing community has stepped up in so many ways, showing a strong solidarity internally amongst themselves, and reaching outward, too ~ for the greater good.

In these days of innovative technology ~ thankfully ~ we are still able to race on. Different racing simulated (sim) platforms are available, presenting us with options that are helping many to keep the spirit of racing alive, in the form of eSports, such as iRacing, and the like. Yes, we are thankful for these opportunities to continue enjoying our racing passion, albeit in a virtual format. We are also thankful for our online Facebook communities, the groups that continue to fuel this shared passion for racing each day.

With that said, we'd like to remind you that we're here to chat during any of the online events that are made public. Feel free to drop in to chat during any of the online racing action, or at any time. This is certainly an acceptable form of social distancing that we can practice, and yet we will be able to stay close.

Also: We'd like to thank all of our "team members" for going the distance with us ~ some of you for well over 10 years now. We value the #FullThrottle friendships from around the world, and enjoy the camaraderie that our shared enthusiasm for all things racing has brought to us over the years.

It is our sincere wish here at, that each of you, your family and extended family and friends, stay safe and be well.

Warmest Aloha,



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