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Indy 500 Pix are Posted!

Greetings, Race Fans!

FINALLY! Indy 500 pix are posted! Pix from Team IndyChat adventures in Indianapolis during the month of May in 2016 are posted to Faceplant. I mean Facebook.

Here you will see fun times during / around the time of the Historic Running of the 100th Indy 500. Which coincidentally, fell on one certain Team Owner's BIRTHDAY!

Yep, we celebrated this incredibly unforgettably and most auspicious occasion of the Race Day-Birthday with a few hundred thousand race friends... (And you know who you are!)

Go ahead, you know you wanna see 'em. Head on over  to see for yourself to

And please, if you have some pix or stories to share, won't you please share them there? And don't forget to hit that LIKE button! Be sure to tell your friends! The more race fans / race friends, the merrier!

It. Was. AMAZING! All day long, all night long...

#FullThrottle! #TurnItUpUpUp! ♫♪ i am INDY! ♪♫ 

July 17, 2016: Honda Indy Toronto

Honda Indy TorontoStreets of Toronto - Toronto, Ontario
 2:30 PM ET
 3:37 PM ET

Cyp = 4 Wasps + 3 Flies + Hundreds of Ants | Bugs = 0



The @TeamIndyChat Headquarters reports the successful elimination of multiple insect pests. Three to 4 wasps were killed by swift, hard application of cute purple rubber slipper, or, (my personal favorite), by application of the versatile Dyson Absolute stick vacuum. WoW! Who knew?! (Oh, ye skeptic, @MissChampCar!) This wonderous device worked equally well for ant removal, too. 
Multiple flies also met their demise. Some were executed by the now-defunct battery-operated fly swatter known as "The Executioner." It is with great regret (and tears!), reported that 2 flies were killed via death by drowning while intoxicated. They foolishly decided to take a swim in 2 different Kraken Rum and Pepsi beverages.
(Grrrrr. Those drinks went down the drain, along with the previously drunken, then dead flies.)
In addition, the grill appears to be pest-free at this time...
TIC would like to express thanks for all supporters during what had been a difficult time.
~End of Report~

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