Do you have a flag?

Do you have a flag?

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Reflections on the Centennial Indy 500 and the Month of May...

It has been a terrific Month of May here with Team IndyChat! New friends, new faces, most from very far away places!

Let's see... We have friends from Kansas, Ohio, Belgium, the Netherlands... Hmmm ~ others, too ~ actually more than I can remember! ;-)

The Team has a new TIC #1 car, with the original being retired to the museum... We have a new hauler ~ tractor and rig... Many thanks to Roye7777777 and UJoint! ~ I'll get those posted soon, promise!

We watched the Sao Paulo, Brazil race during the first weekend in May, then proceeded to Speedway, Indiana for the rest of the month... Except for the time at the Monaco Grand Prix, yesterday, of course, and at Lime Rock today! Lonnie at Baja, of course... I just know I am forgetting something...

Some of us were lucky enough to have the pleasure and pain(!) of racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Inaugural Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday... 

Congrats to Ashley_O and Dan_O, on great positioning... Ashley_O, whatta girl to be on the Pole at Indy for your split! Lucky Dan_O and Son_O, to be there live at Indy! Wonderful pix! We're looking forward to reading the iRacing write-up about you and Ash_O, Dan_O! ;-)

Same for KSURollie and Jim B... You and the crew from Kansas... Jim B., we love the pictures! Thank you guys so much for the very special phone call from Indy... I know you enjoyed a corn dog for me and kissed the bricks. That was in honor of my birthday, right? ;-)

Yesterday was the best day of the year for some of us, of course(!), with the culmination being the Centennial running of The Greatest Spectacle in Racing! Congrats to all the drivers and teams. Dan Wheldon is sitting on a throne of bricks...

We had some tears of sadness, (RIP, Spooky)... And some certainly had tears of joy ~ uh... that would be me! This Month of May has been a very special one, because of the company we have kept...

Roye7777777, Belg Indy, it was great to welcome you into our home on Saturday! So glad you finally met the Hawaiian KRAKEN! Yep, our feathered Team Mascot can take the Firestone Firehawk, sure!

MetalPatten, you ROCK! BroDon, we appreciate the A-MA-ZING pix and posts! Unforgettable birthday gifts... The Dutch birthday song, you guys ~ Bwahahaha! Thank you! Lonnie, mahalo to you for finding me the perfect race day outfit! Lots of smiles...

The rest of you that participated with the LiveStream broadcasts earlier this month, well, it was great to be there for you and with you!

Thank you for visiting with us! Mahalo for the smiles, the laughter, the feasting ~ what great food and drink! Hmmm. Not enough drink for some... Boy, am I THIRSTY!

Thank you, friends... Mahalo...

Oh ~ Applications are being accepted for open positions for the IZOD IndyCar 2011 season. See the Team Roster link on this website for those. Send an email to Cyp or catch me online and let us know which position you're interested in...

We are looking forward to a terrific IZOD IndyCar 2011 season... Well, actually, we look forward to being with you to enjoy ANY and ALL racing series this season!



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